Medicare Select Hospital Directory

Is your hospital covered under your Medicare Supplement Insurance Select Plan?*

Alabama (PDF) (68.9 KB)

Arizona (PDF) (447.7 KB)

Arkansas (PDF) (450.4 KB)

Florida (PDF) (452.7 KB)

Georgia (PDF) (449.2 KB)

Illinois (PDF) (450.8 KB)

Indiana (PDF) (453.3 KB)

Kansas (PDF) (449.2 KB)

Kentucky (PDF) (452.7 KB)

Louisiana (PDF) (450.7 KB)

Mississippi (PDF) (449.1 KB)

North Carolina (PDF) (448.9 KB)

Ohio (PDF) (455.6 KB)

Oklahoma (PDF) (451.4 KB)

Oregon (PDF) (66.5 KB)

Tennessee (PDF) (68.8 KB)

Texas (PDF) (463.8 KB)

Utah (PDF) (448.8 KB)

Washington (PDF) (450.1 KB)

*This directory applies only to Medicare Supplement Insurance Select Plans. This directory does not apply to AARP's Standard Medicare Supplement Plans. If your state is not listed, Medicare Select Insurance plans may not be available in your state.