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Our Story - Our Difference

Our Story

More than twenty years ago, two innovative Minnesota nurse practitioners had an idea to improve the lives of countless nursing home residents.

Over the course of their careers, they noticed that many people entering nursing homes had difficulty seeing their doctors regularly. This made it hard for families to coordinate their care. As a result, these residents were often in and out of hospitals and emergency rooms. This caused great physical, emotional and financial cost to them and their families. It also created increased costs to the health care system.

This pair of nurse practitioners realized that things didn't have to work that way. If every nursing home resident had a dedicated nurse practitioner, even the neediest Medicare beneficiaries would have someone on their side. They would have a trusted partner to manage their care by collaborating with doctors, nursing homes and the families. This personalized, compassionate care model was founded as Evercare. Today, Evercare is known as CarePlus, and this care model is the heart of what we do. Our unique health care coordination program is the preferred choice for thousands of nursing home residents in dozens of states.


Our Difference

At its essence, the difference is our people. CarePlus nurse practitioners have advanced training which allows them to order lab work and write prescriptions when needed (in most states). By closely monitoring residents, they can catch changes in health conditions and quickly determine needs for preventive care. CarePlus nurse practitioners create an honest and personal relationship with residents. They communicate with all parties to coordinate care and help make sure treatments are working well together.

CarePlus Clinicians Make the Difference

  • Coordinated care and more personal attention.
  • One point of contact for communication with the member, their family, the doctors, and nursing staff.
  • Clinician visits once a month, or even daily, depending on need.
  • Frequent visits by the clinician help avoid unnecessary and often unwanted trips to the hospital.
  • Clinicians can complete tests and treatments in the nursing home that are normally done in the hospital.

Nurse Practitioners help avoid sometimes-traumatic hospitalizations because they can perform tests and treatments normally done in a hospital (such as x-rays, IV therapy and dialysis) are provided within the nursing home.